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San Diego Medi-Cal Planning Attorneys


Nursing home care is expensive — so expensive that it can consume a person's life savings in a matter of months. With proper planning however, a person can obtain Medi-Cal benefits which can pay for quality nursing home care.


Ratner & Pinchman, PC is an experienced Medi-Cal planning law firm. We devote a large part of our practice to helping people plan for and obtain nursing home care for their loved ones — and understand the complex laws that govern Medi-Cal eligibility.


In your case, we will have four goals. We can help you:


  • Choose the right nursing home

  • Take care of your loved one's needs

  • Get your family member qualified for Medi-Cal

  • Preserve as many assets as possible


Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.


What We Can Do


Ratner & Pinchman, PC will carefully review your loved one's Estate Planning needs and financial situation. Our firm will explore every Medi-Cal planning option and make full use of the provisions the law offers.


We will create an asset protection plan designed to qualify your family member for Medi-Cal benefits. This may involve the transfer or re-titling of assets and gifting. We can even create a special needs trust that can provide for the supplemental needs and comfort of your loved one.


Ratner & Pinchman, PC will handle all aspects of your case from start to finish, including preparation of paperwork and applying for Medi-Cal benefits.


It's Never Too Late


The more time we have to plan, the easier it will be to achieve your goals. But our firm can help you at any stage of the process.

Fortunately, the State of California has a generous look-back standard for asset transfers of thirty months. But you should not transfer assets without the advice of an experienced Medi-Cal planning lawyer.


Let our firm put our experience to work for you — to find the right facility for your loved one and preserve as many of your assets as possible.


Free Consultation with a San Diego Elder Law and Medi-Cal Planning Attorney


For a free consultation, contact Ratner & Pinchman, PC

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