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Probate Administration Attorneys in San Diego


Probate is the process that passes a deceased person's property to his or her heirs, under the supervision of the court.


Contrary to what you may believe, probate administration does not have to be a costly and painful process. At Ratner & Pinchman, PC, we provide a full range of cost-effective probate and estate administration services. We are knowledgeable in probate law and work to resolve all outstanding estate matters as quickly as possible.


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Cost-Effective Probate Administration Services


Our firm can handle all aspects of the probate process. We can:


  • Make all initial filings in court and notify the beneficiaries of the estate

  • Advise the executor (personal representative) of his or her duties

  • Identify the estate's assets and debts

  • Advise the executor regarding which debts of the estate must be paid

  • Coordinate the filing of tax returns

  • Make a final account to the court


If a problem does arise during the process, such as a question regarding title to an asset, our experience can enable us to resolve it in an efficient manner.


Our goal will be to preserve assets and wrap up the estate's affairs in an orderly fashion, so that the heirs can get their share of the estate's assets as quickly as possible.


Avoiding Probate


It is possible to avoid the probate process altogether by placing your assets in a living trust. Ratner & Pinchman, PC has helped many people in the San Diego area preserve their assets through the creation of this type of trust.


Your Rights as Trust Beneficiary:


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