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Estate Planning for Clients Facing Future Long-Term Care Costs

My partner, Maya Pinchman, and I recently published a chapter in the CEB treatise “Complete Plans for Small and Mid-Size Estates.”

The Chapter is entitled: “Estate Planning for Clients Facing Future Long-Term Care Costs.”

Continuing Education of the Bar • California (CEB) is a program of the University of California that is cosponsored by the State Bar of California.

We wrote this chapter to guide estate planning attorneys in drafting plans for their clients as we commonly encounter estate plans that fail to address the problem of paying for long term care.

Our practice is focused on Medi-Cal planning for clients in nursing homes. Medi-Cal planning entails advising on how to gain Medi-Cal eligibility, protecting assets to take care of the well spouse, applying for Medi-Cal, appealing any mistakes made by the Medi-Cal office, obtaining an approval of Medi-Cal benefits, and avoiding a Medi-Cal estate recovery after death (mainly protecting the family home).

A copy of the chapter can be downloaded by clicking here: CEB Chapter.

We welcome any comments to improve the chapter.

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