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Please Support SB 33: Medi-Cal Recovery Reform

Existing law provides for the Medi-Cal program, which is administered by the State Department of Health Care Services and under which qualified low-income persons receive health care benefits. The Medi-Cal program is, in part, governed and funded by federal Medicaid provisions.

Existing federal law requires the state to seek adjustment or recovery from an individual’s estate for specified medical assistance, including nursing facility services, home and community-based services, and related hospital and prescription drug services, if the individual was 55 years of age or older when he or she received the medical assistance. Existing federal law allows the state, at its own option, to seek recovery for any items or services covered under the state’s Medicaid plan.

Existing state law, with certain exceptions, requires the department to claim against the estate of a decedent, or against any recipient of the property of that decedent by distribution or survival, an amount equal to the payments for Medi-Cal services received or the value of the property received by any recipient from the decedent by distribution or survival, whichever is less.

Existing law provides for certain exemptions that restrict the department from filing a claim against a decedent’s property, including when there is a surviving spouse during his or her lifetime. Existing law requires the department, however, to make a claim upon the death of the surviving spouse, as prescribed. Existing law requires the department to waive its claim, in whole or in part, if it determines that enforcement of the claim would result in a substantial hardship, as specified.

This bill would instead require the department to make these claims only in specified circumstances for those health care services that the state is required to recover under federal law, and would define health care services for these purposes. The bill would limit any claims against the estate of a decedent to only the real and personal property or other assets the state is required to seek recovery from under federal law. The bill would delete the proportionate share provision and would delete the requirement that the department make a claim upon the death of the surviving spouse.

The bill would require the department to waive its claim when the estate subject to recovery is a homestead of modest value, as defined. The bill would limit the amount of interest that is entitled to accrue on a voluntary postdeath lien, as specified. The bill would also require the department to provide a current or former beneficiary, or his or her authorized representative, upon request and free of charge, with the total amount of Medi-Cal expenses that have been paid on his or her behalf that would be recoverable under these provisions, as specified.

The bill would apply the changes made by these provisions only to individuals who die on or after January 1, 2016.

SB 33 is similar to last year’s SB 1124, which had unanimous bipartisan support, passing the Assembly Floor by 78-0 and the Senate Floor by 33-0. Although SB 1124 was vetoed by the Governor, the Governor did express the intent to revisit the wisdom of such recovery.

Send letters of support to:

Senator Ricardo Lara, Chair

Senate Appropriations Committee

State Capitol Room 2206

Sacramento, CA 95814

More information on the bill can be found at:

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